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The pinnacle of industrial laundry in the region.
How do I book a consultation?
Use our contact form to provide us with your basic requirements and we will visit you at your convenience.
Is your laundry more expensive than my current provider?
Despite the incredible quality of the service, Miracle Wash is competitively priced from P35 to P39.5 per kilo. Furthermore when the up to 30% increase in linen life is taken into consideration, our price point can provide an attractive saving over time. Also, check out our savings calculator for more information.
Is there a minimum order quantity?
Due to the scale of our operation we aim for hotels of at least 15 rooms on an annual contract. We can also handle laundry over-spill for larger hotels in busy periods.
How long does the service take from pick up to delivery.
We aim to collect your linens, professionally wash, dry and fold them and get them back to you all within 24 hours.
What kind of detergents and cleaning products do you use?
We use a range specialized industrial laundry cleaning products from Europe. These are specifically designed to perform well with the precise temperature control provided by our machines. They recommended by the manufacturer.
Are there any fabrics you don't clean?
Our process is focused on hotel linens, generally speaking these comprise of cotton, acrylic, poly-cotton or polyester materials. Our machines are capable of washing other materials and this will be assessed during your registration consultation.
How can I pay for the services?
We accept bank transfers and leading credit card payments.
Wash, Dry and Fold
What if my linens are damaged?
We check all linen manually before it enters the machines, logging and photographing any damage. This is repeated when it has completed the laundry process. We cover the cost of any damage occurring within the laundry cycle.
What is included in your service?
We collect your linens, segregate, inspect, pre-treat any stains, wash, dry, iron & fold and deliver.
Do you have the capacity for my hotel linen?
Yes, we are currently running at around 80% capacity for the day shift. We have the floor space to double our equipment capacity and we also have a night shift planned for the future.
Do I need to weigh my laundry before collection?
Your laundry can be weighed in your presence on collection if you require, and delivery by our collection and delivery drivers. Generally, because we bill for dry, completed, linen weight, our clients are happy to forgo weighing at time of collection.
What temperature do you wash the clothes at?
Each linen type has it's own computer controlled program to regulate temperature but generally speaking we wash at 55C
Do you offer a referral incentive?
Yes, we will provide 5% of the first completed year of referred business to the referrer.

What equipment do you use?

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