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Environmental Impact Statement

Washing Machines

We use high efficiency industrial washing machines from Girbau. The wash cycles are individually tailored to the requirements of the client loads via a smart panel interface. The load is sensed and assessed by the machine and communicated to the central detergent supply array to ensure a perfect wash ever time.

All of our washing machines have automatic load detection and proportional consumption of water to minimize the amount of water consumed on a per wash basis. This alone provides a water saving of up to 30% compared with some of the the more common washing machines used in city and rural domestic laundries.

Our washing machines coupled with a centralized smart detergents delivery system which adjust the dose according to the sensed load. This minimizes over saturation which can lead to linen damage, poor wash quality and environmental load.


To further reduce environmental impact and improve wash cycle efficiency, we installed a centralized gas powered 100 gallon industrial water heater which efficiently maintains the optimal washing temperature of our purified water reservoir. This enables our machines to begin the wash cycle without the need to heat the water internally and dramatically reduces the cost and time required for washing. Depending on the load, we wash at up to 55 degrees centigrade to ensure a thorough clean with minimal wear and damage to linens.

Our machines exert up to 400x G-force to remove considerably more water per load than conventional systems. Load sensing also tunes the duration of spin cycles to ensure the target moisture is accurately achieved for the subsequent drying stages. For example: Towels are 100% dried however bed linens retain enough moisture for accelerated and effective ironing. Drying times are slashed by up to 65% compared with most hard mounted washers.

The quality standards of out machines are so high they surpass these recommendations and standards, and more

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Drying Machines

In addition to our commitment to top-notch laundry services, we also understand the importance of minimizing our impact on the environment. That’s why we’ve implemented a range of measures to ensure that our drying process is as energy-efficient as possible.

Our Girbau ED 660 dryers are equipped with advanced moisture detection systems, which guarantee that each load is dried to perfection with minimal energy waste. These dryers are designed to accept up to 25 kg of laundry per cycle and complete the drying process in just 26 minutes, leaving your linens precisely moisture-free and ready for folding. By prioritizing energy efficiency in our drying solutions, we’re able to not only reduce our environmental footprint but also lower our overhead costs, which translates into more affordable and eco-friendly services for our clients.

Flat Work and Folding

Our main iron (Girbau PB5132) sports a 3 meter wide ingress feed capable of perfectly ironing up to 9 meters of linen per minute. It also delivers up to 69Kw/hour of final stage heating to accurately finish the drying cycle without wasteful (and destructive) over drying. We also have a supplementary iron (Girbau PB3215 – 1.5m wide) to mitigate backlogs during exceptionally busy times like Easter, Christmas and Valentines day holidays.

Water Filtration Process

At our laundry service, we believe that the key to delivering high-quality linen care starts with the water we use. That’s why we have invested in a state-of-the-art water filtration system that guarantees pure, clean, and safe water for all our laundry operations.

Our deep water well extends 20 meters into the water table, ensuring that we have access to a reliable source of clean water. Once the water is pumped up, it goes through our multi-stage filtration process that removes impurities that could affect the quality of our laundry services.

The first stage of our filtration process involves the Glauconite filter, which catalyzes the oxidation of soluble iron and manganese, and the gas hydrogen sulfide. This ensures that our laundry services operate at the highest level of efficiency, delivering optimal results while also improving our grey water output.

We follow up with several other trade secret stages of water treatment, softening, and filtration, to ensure that our water is purified to drinkable perfection. With our advanced water filtration system, you can trust that your linens are receiving the best care possible, while also minimizing our environmental impact.

Waste Water Treatment

At our laundry service, we understand the importance of preserving the environment and the delicate balance of aquatic ecosystems. That’s why we take the utmost care in handling laundry wastewater, which contains phosphates, a nutrient essential for plant growth. However, we are also aware that excess phosphates can cause severe harm to aquatic ecosystems by promoting the growth of algae and other aquatic plants, leading to the depletion of oxygen levels in water bodies.

To tackle this issue, we have constructed a 55,000-gallon vertical wetland that is designed to absorb a significant amount of phosphates from our laundry wastewater. The wetland is carefully crafted to mimic the natural processes of wetland ecosystems, with layers of gravel, sand, and soil that support the growth of various wetland plants. These plants thrive on the nutrient-rich water, effectively removing the excess phosphates and improving the quality of our grey water output. We are proud to contribute to preserving our environment, one load of laundry at a time.

Simply put, we are the market leaders in industrial laundry, servicing the municipality of Dumaguete from Sibulan to Malatapay.
If you’re not using us yet, you should probably ask yourself why.


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